Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow & sweetness

This was Zachary at 13 months enjoying one of the many big snowfalls we used to have. I have so many pictures of him enjoying the snow while we lived in IL.

Here he is this morning, enjoying the tiny tiny bit of snow on top of the car. (can you see it?) He's been asking about snow for a few months now and was so excited to touch it. Poor kid, we took him away from his snow playground!

And here's the sweetness. I came around the corner today to find them holding hands, with Kenna just looking at him like he was the greatest big brother in the world. Of course, that could be because he gave her cinnamon toast for breakfast this morning. You really can't leave him alone for a second with her--you never know what he's going to do!! Lesson learned....


Nikki said...

Hey Krista! His birthday is the 26th. I didn't realize that he and Z were the same age until Z had his birthday. Let me know if you have a morning or afternoon free and you can come over and they can play together. If you don't have time that's okay too. I know that family time is important. I'll send you my cell # on FB so you can call me. I'd love to see you and that sweet baby!

mandy_moo said...

That picture is adorable!! :) Glad the kids are doing so well... he seems like a great big brother (in spite of feeding her things he shouldn't, LOL!)